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Innovation through collaboration with MIT-financing: what’s in it for game companies?

The details of the MIT program 2016 have been officially announced by MIT offers support for innovative projects by Dutch MKB Companies (SME’s) in the Creative Industry, and thus the games industry as part of that. This means you can apply for this program, that will open for applications on May 10 2016. Because the applications will be processed in chronological order once the MIT opens, it is important to start preparing your application if you want to apply for MIT support. What’s available and how can you benefit from it?


About the program

Within the MIT program, 55 mln euros will become available for innovation stimulation. Read more about how the budgets are dispersed on the budget-page on There are different sub-programs within the MIT that support different innovation trajectories for SME’s, as described below. The basic idea is that MIT covers 35-50% of the costs that you would have to spend on research or advice about innovation. Of all MIT sub-program, R&D collaboration offers the most practical support for SME’s that want to start an innovative project. R&D collaboration is very popular among Media & ICT companies, because it funds parts of their innovative projects and stimulates collaborations that often become more structural. Entrepreneurs who used MIT support, further state that it can give a decisive push to get an innovative project or collaboration going.

More practical cases in which MIT proved useful for innovation are available in the booklet “MKB Innoveert” (Dutch).


MIT sub-programs in 2016

1. R&D Collaboration (public tender)

R&D Collaboration supports the development or renewal of an innovative product, service or production process by a Dutch SME in collaboration with at least one other Dutch SME. MIT covers 35% of costs eligible for subsidy in the project (such as research and market research around the innovation*), with a minimum of €50.000,- and a maximum of €200.000,- or €100.000,- per participating SME. For more conditions see the page on R&D collaboration on
Opening and closing: July 5 until September 1 2016. (Other than the other continuously open instruments, this will be a public tender or “aanbesteding”)

Tip of an experienced company about applying for R&D Collaboration projects:

‘My tips for companies that are contemplating to apply for MIT R&D Collaboration projects are: get to the core of the innovation, avoid assumptions and really think about the economic perspective of your innovation. Mention this explicitly and quantify if possible. Also write down which partners are part of the consortium and how you can vouch for continuity of the collaboration. R&D Collaboration means a lengthy partnership, for which a clear agreement is necessary. Also, don’t forget to include the marketing of your innovation. Quantify the market and describe how you are going to reach it.’

*Please note that marketing costs cannot be covered by the MIT program.


2. Smaller sub-programs to hire a knowledge institute or consultancy company (open continuously from May 10)

  • Knowledge vouchers
    Getting knowledge-questions answered by researchers from a Dutch knowledge institute. 50% of the research costs can be covered with a maximum of €3.750,-. For more conditions see the page on knowledge voucher on Opening and closing: May 10 until September 1 2016.
  • Innovation advice projects
    Getting advice from a knowledge institute or independent consultancy agency. The SME has to ask for the innovation advice. 50% of costs eligible for subsidy in the project (i.e. bills by the agency or institute), with a maximum of €10.000,-. For more conditions see the page on innovation advice projects Opening and closing: May 10 until September 1 2016.
  • Feasability projects
    For mapping technical and economical risks of a proposed innovation by a knowledge institute or consultancy agency. 40% of costs eligible for subsidy in the project with a maximum of €50.000,-. For more conditions see the page on feasibility projects on Opening and closing: May 10 until September 1 2016.

Test your project idea

Want to know if your project idea is eligible for MIT-support? Fill out the form on


Customer Contact point for all your questions about eligibility for MIT

If you have questions already about the MIT instruments that will be made available, are you looking for collaboration partners or do you want to discuss your innovation project or knowledge-question? Then get in touch with the customer contact point of through +31 (0) 88 042 42 42.


For questions about what the MIT can do for game companies, contact for more info.


Source: Dutch Games Association