De Pont – Call for participants

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Film and game professionals and students, designers, and storytellers are invited to create a short (interactive) animation or game that takes place on the famous free Amsterdam ferry over the river IJ. Het Pontje, as the locals lovinly call it, connects the center of the city to the upcoming north district.


What is DE PONT?

DE PONT is part of a research project that explores the storytelling potential of 3D game engines for both filmmaking and game development. The project is rooted in a simple observation: game development tools such as Unity are increasingly used to create films. As a result the visual languages of cinema and video games are converging. What if both game designers and filmmakers were to create a game or film based on the same theme using the same assets? How would they approach it? What stories or what game narratives would they come up with?


For many people, taking a ferry to get to work and back is part of their daily routine.

The ferry is also a classic theme in literature and art. In Greek mythology, the ferryman Charon (pictured on the left in an illustration by Gustave Doré) transports the souls of the newly dead across the river Styx into the underworld. Is everything the same on the other bank, or could we be on a passage to a completely different world? Who are the other passengers and what happens between them on the way? Who is the ferryman?

By choosing a universal theme, Submarine Channel and the Amsterdam Creative Industries Network aim to spark the creativity neurons in the brains of potential participants all over the world.

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