KPMG and FreedomLab will invest in applied creativity

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For those who didn’t catch the news in September:

KPMG and FreedomLab will be investing in the further development of the Dutch creative industry. The ultimate goal of these investments is to collectively develop innovative services and concepts that could potentially contribute to the explanation of important and complex societal questions.

To properly accomplish these tasks, KPMG and FreedomLab have founded a new business; OneDegree (One°). One° will focus on the strategic application of creativity and technology for systems and services in which the involvement of people is crucial. Besides FreedomLab (the research and design institution of Dasym), One° will focus especially on the actualization of the created concepts. One° uses already-established methods that in the creative industry (among which the game industry) are useful and are therefore a logical subsequent step after the Center for Applied Games, which was opened one year ago by Minister Kamp in Amsterdam.

The services of One° will include, for example; the strategic application of games to facilitate different forms of therapy, and to educate people in a much more inspirational way. The development of e-services that simplify one’s travel, that help one’s energy saving, or the living of a healthier lifestyle is also a focus point of One°. For these developments, One° will make use of techniques and methods prominent in the creative industry, such as design, rapid prototyping, and gamification.

Classic approaches no longer suffice
In the search for resolutions to certain challenges, businesses and governments are often faced with the decision to opt for classic, linear approaches. Erik Schut, a partner at KPMG, stated; “Classic methods used to solve problems are becoming increasingly obsolete. The processes are becoming more complex and costly. Furthermore, relationships between consumer and producer, employer and employee, government and citizens, are also changing drastically. Because of this, it is of utmost importance to search for new methods and techniques in which people and businesses work together to create new technological solutions. This fits incredibly well into the strong technological focus that we have within KPMG Advisory.” A good example of this would be the usage of game simulations to identify weak and unsafe points within complex infrastructures in order to either prevent or rectify these points.

Uncultivated potential
According to Arjan Postma of FreedomLab, the Dutch creative industry possesses a considerable amount of uncultivated potential. The methods used by the creative industry could lead to the materialization of faster innovation and problem-solving. After all, the creative industry has been named one of the top sectors in the Netherlands. Postma states; the Netherlands are worldwide leaders in the development of creative concepts, architecture, design, media, and gaming. However, due to specialization the market is fragmented. By connecting the different disciplines, our industry can become much stronger. When we finally dare to allow the creative procedures to become the standard in the answering or resolution of presented challenges, we will be able to co-innovate new methods that could lead to large impacts on important parts of our society. The Netherlands could become a leading figure in the domain of applied creativity.”

Photo of FreedomLab campus by OneDegree